01 enero 2016

53 de los peores retoques digitales

We only need two in this shot, that and a spare hand.

They say couples often look similar but this is ridiculous.

Where's daddy in this shot? Oh, there's his hand.

Such a powerful jump it warped reality.

Ghost rugby.

How to close a door when your hand passes right through it?

The all consuming red eats legs.

Is that a doppleganger twin?

All the hands.

Maybe it'll drop off in time.

And extra hand, why not?

A mess of a poster for a mess of a film.

He is the Doctor after all.

So good he used his extra hand.

How many legs does it take to wash a foot?

Legless, in the non-traditional sense of the word.

Gravity can't stop this Turkish airline, even on the ground.

They do get along, honest.

These triplets love football, but not each other.

Just plonk the branding on there, nobody will notice.

Nice undies Microsoft Paint.

Because there aren't enough photos of her alone.

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